During pregnancy particularly on the early stage, baby’s different parts of the face are starting to developed and merges together, if some parts are not formed together, the baby usually born with a cleft. The most common abnormality of patient with cleft lip and palate is for craniofacial abnormalities which the problem are associated with the skull and the face. Causes of cleft lip and palate can be trace on hereditary, and environmental factors like medications and how the baby is growing from the womb.

Here at Mendez Multispecialty Dental Group Inc. our team understands the specific issues that a family faces with a patient affected with cleft lip and palate, through surgery, where our Dental team repair the defect and with the help of other health care provides for therapies to help provide related condition and we can help them in building their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, patient with cleft lip and palate are in high risk for tooth decay due to the placement or shape of their teeth. With this in mind, our Dental team are equipped to help the patient to keep their teeth and gums become strong and healthy.